Moving people is all about telling the stories of key individuals and the changes that having an electric powered bicycle brings to their lives and careers. From the remote rivers of Pemberton to the urban landscapes of Vancouver, these are some of the most influential people in the West Coast of Canada and their stories will be inspirational in a world of new forms of transportation. Not just an eco-conscious effort, but an approach that opens new opportunities in their carriers and daily lives.

Mark Hobson

“I am struck by the beauty of the world and my paintings are attempts to spend time lingering in this beauty. Painting out of doors, although it has its practical challenges, is a way of feeling fully engaged in my surroundings”

Based in Tofino, Mark Hobson is an award-winning, world-renowned painter who has spent the past thirty years capturing the pristine natural beauty of Vancouver Island’s rugged West Coast. From the secluded wilderness of an old-growth rainforest, to the limitless depths of the open sea, Mark’s passion for the environment he paints is evident with every brush stroke. As a trained biologist and former high school science teacher, he recognizes the importance of the region’s unique biodiversity and is a staunch advocate for ecological preservation. When he’s not in his iconic floating studio, Mark enjoys searching for hidden gems throughout the Clayoquot Sound and elsewhere on the island. Switching to a lightweight and durable eco-friendly electric bicycle has given him the freedom to minimize his carbon footprint while traveling between different painting locations, finding ideal views which he makes come alive in his paintings.