Electric Torque Bike For Kids Trailer

Electric Torque Bike For Kids Trailer

Spring is the season of new beginnings. Fresh buds bloom, animals awaken and the earth seems to come to life again. It is my favourite time of year because everything is so fresh and full of life. The longer days and warmer weather means it is time to turn off Netflix, put away your heavy winter coat and get outdoors and welcome the seasonal changes. One of the first things my family likes to do on a warm spring evening is get out on our bikes and hit the local trails. Our northwest Calgary community, has some amazing paths that wind up and down the gentle (and some, not so gentle) hills of the area. Cycling here is peaceful and relaxing...until the weight of my children sitting in their bike trailer becomes unbearably unpleasant. I’d like to say that with each ride, this gets easier, however this just isn’t the case.

This year my husband and I invested in some new electric bikes; Surface 604’s. We are determined to get out and explore our local paths as well as some mountain trails this year and we knew that these Ebikes would be the perfect way for our family to meet our adventure goals. My kids love to get out, but don’t quite have the stamina or ability to cycle for long periods. With our new pedal assist bikes, towing should be much easier and make for a more enjoyable trip.
So it was time to put them to the test. We hooked up the kids trailer and set off through the neighbourhood one night after dinner. I started off pedaling with no assistance, but when my body grew tired, or the hill proved too challenging, I could rely on my bike for help. The pedal assist supports even the strongest cyclist, but most importantly helps the average parent get out and enjoy a ride with their children in tow. The high capacity battery on our Surface 604 increases our travel range despite the additional weight of towing a trailer.

That evening, as we glided into the driveway, I felt excited. It felt great to begin a new season of cycling with my family. I can’t wait to see where my Surface 604 takes me (and us) next.

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