Shred Rear Rack

$ 119.99 USD

Shred specific rear rack. It firs older Shreds 2018-2019 and new 2020 and 2021


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Jim B.
I Love my Shred and Surface 604 Stands By Their Product

I really love my Shred. It's very hard to ride a non-ebike now for me. It just makes me want to be out there exploring. Also, I want to call out that the the Surface 604 team stands by their product. When I had an issue with my first bike they were on top of it and ended up sending me a new replacement bike and it was the same when my battery died - Phil walked me through troubleshooting steps and ultimately ended up sending me a new one. Again, they will not leave you stranded and will be there for you which is rare to find in companies. I've been specifically working with Phil and he is just wonderful to work with. (Thanks again for all your help Phil!) I'm very confident recommending the Surface 604 Shred as I know they will be there if anything happens.

United States United States
Adds to My Girl Power!

I am so excited I took a chance and purchased my Shred 604! I can now tackle the roads less traveled in my area. The areas that would have me shell-shocked on my traditional bike, become opportunities for adventure on my Shred 604. No fishtailing, skidding, or spin-outs! Once I switched out the seat, I been riding with confidence, boldly venturing out where only a few have gone before. Thanks Mitchel for going above and beyond with your customer service.

Ted L.
United States United States
Has Drawbacks

This is my second 604. First one I bought was stolen within a year even though locked. Second one dealer said extended life battery not available. The difference is on my hilly nine mile ride, the extended life battery used 20-25% of life compared to current 30-35% life used. Both have a problem with the chain disengaging when going over a hard bump. Both have the display hard to read on a sunny day. Other than that it can be charged without taking out battery pack..

Barry J.
United States United States
Best Mountain Ebike on the Market

Purchased the small frame Surface Shred for my 13 year old son in December. We were disappointed that we didn't get the larger battery because of supply chain issues, but this is the best overall Ebike mountain bike on the market hands down. Why? Many reasons but overall it's quality. The support from Surface has been phenomenal and the fact you can buy direct or through a dealer is an excellent support model. Secondly, the bike is very well configured from the Bafang motor to the quality brakes, the light, to the frame and tires. I would recommend ordering one w/ the tail light setup, a rack, fenders and the 6way adjustable neck. If you are purchasing the large size, or want a lot more range, get the larger battery as well. Together you have a great trail/street bike. For a rear drive the bike pulls really well uphill. I was surprised because I have a 1000W mid drive and after riding both i find the 500W strong. Let's just say my kid keeps up with me easily and the adult version is the same. The bike is also fast and brakes are excellent. No scraping brakes sounding like the pads need to be replaced. Also handling? This bike has a great balance when riding it. It's the perfect balance between not too big and not too small, not too light, not too heavy. It is clear Surface thought all this through in the design. I wished they had added an onboard alarm - but most Ebike companies don't do that. I highly recommend this bike and moreso Surface as a business.

Christopher B.
United States United States
It lives up to its name, shred!

First of all the bike comes fully assembled, all I had to do was wait for the battery to arrive, slap it in and go out and shred. The throttle response is significant and if you just wanna pedal knock yourself out. I love the bike and highly recommended it, also go for the bouncy seat post. I am 74 years old and used to race motorcycles, and this is a very satisfying alternative. Good product!